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Sherlock's and John's wedding night uwu


"This is ridiculous."

"Oh, shut it."

"It’s just a paper."

"Shut up."

"We really could just be signing a paper and not bloody throwing a party." John merely rolled his eyes in response and fixed Sherlock’s jacket and gave him a brief kiss.

"You look amazing in that suit, you know."

"I know." John pinched his arse in retaliation and they both giggled.

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As fans ourselves we totally understand the frustration some of you are having on here! I want everyone to know we are still working very hard on a date that works for as many of the main cast of the show to attend as possible! This has been one of the hardest tasks we have ever had to…





Joy: Will Red and Lizzie become lovers on The Blacklist?
Nothing in the scripts written for Season 2 so far suggests this will happen. [source]

I’m just gonna ignore the answer because

  • season 1 has had a couple of suggestive moments already
  • I somehow doubt this person has unfettered…

I don’t know…But I think in season2 we would be able to see/predict where are they heading, when it comes to her private life… 

P.S. What I really want is someone to ask James Spader this question!-I wanna know what he thinks…is that realistic? is it good/bad for the show,for the story?…so far not even single question

Well, first of all, I don’t think that one would necessarily know where a protagonist’s private life is heading at the beginning of the second season.  Think of Josh/Donna on The West Wing for example. Ziva wasn’t even part of the team on NCIS until season 3 and everybody was shipping Kate with Gibbs or Tony. Often the two fictional characters who come together very early on are not the ones to make it. That’s why endgames are called endgames IMO. For the Jisbon shippers on The Mentalist that meant 6 long seasons until the first kiss… and many other love interests :) Josh/Donna shippers had to endure 2 + x seasons of Amy Gardner (sorry to those who liked her ;)) And well, on House there was first Hameron and Huddy but the  endgame was Hilson - even if it was a platonic one (at least on the show ;)).

So, no. But like roominthecastle, i am simply happy and glad to see a sign of perception change with this question even posed and included in the spoiler section because I am simply tired of the daddy-non-mystery :)

But apart from that, Liz’s private and emotional life is at this point in time a utter and complete mess. The man whom she believed to be the love of her life turned out to be nothing but a lie, everything she loved and believed in turned out to be a lie. Any real person in her situation would need considerable some time to work through that emotionally, and I hope the writers give Liz as fictionial character an equal realistic chance to do just that.

And on a very important level, Liz made a choice at the end of the last season, once again. She chose to go to Red because they are “stuck with each other”, because they “need” each other to find the answers they are searching. They are an unlikely team thrown by fate and ciricumstances. and a lot of scenes during the first season have shown how Liz relied on Red. He was always her first choice. If he is available as shoulder to lean on she goes to him. She has done so in The Courier and in Ivan. And at the end of the season, she chose him again because she needs him - on the rational level. The emotional level…. well, we’ll see about that although as Spader said at CC, there are those feelings that Red has for Liz and the feelings that Liz has also for Red. I am not speaking about romantic feelings here but I think there is simply a strong human connection there.

And as for your point one should Spader ask, well, he already said that he knows the “eventual desire” of the show but that this might change with the lifespan of the series, meaning: the more seasons they have the more likely they are able to tell that story. And furthermore, he said at CC that the relationship of Red and Liz is the “emotional center of the show”. And Megan Boone said that she believes that Red will be that ONE person for Liz who she can trust and rely on. Red. Nobody else.

That is what counts for me. I don’t know if this connection that these two have and that - the statements from the cast considered - is bound to become only stronger over time, will ever turn out to be romantic at the very end. But it is already now very clear that they will become the most important person in each other’s life - as platonic partners in crime or lovers, if we get the Hilson or the Jisbon endgame. But it’s their story. Those two. Their story. And that already makes them endgame to me.

Steven Moffat: “We have a plan, we practically reduced our cast to tears by telling them about the plan.”


Well is it just me or…