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Friendly reminder that John said on his blog during the events of ASIB that his life with Sherlock was incompatible with long-term relationships. And after that, he didn’t date anybody else at all for the rest of s2. John wasn’t just musing meaninglessly, he was taking himself off the market. He…


ok but this is DEFINITELY what i look like when my crush says something amazing and i look away from them so they can’t see my insane, dopey ‘omg i love them so much’ face.



Moriarty in sherlock’s mind palace holds his deepest fears and secrets.

"that wife." 

it’s intended to be highly derogative.

keep in mind that was sherlock’s own thoughts. his brain. not moriarty’s.

Moriarty (his consciousness) warned sherlock about mary. sherlock knows that mary morstan is a threat. but perhaps he just left that information behind, locked away, only to resurface by the time it’s too late. 

funny, because the same thing happened with his feelings for john. 


so i just got my friend into sherlock and when i asked her if she ships johnlock, she turned to me, looked me dead in the eye, and said “i have two dads. i know it when i see it.”


When John kisses Sherlock for the first time Sherlock barely responds, freezing in shock at the feel of John’s lips finally touching his own. He breaks the kiss with a gasp and stares at John wide-eyed, running his trembling fingers over his lips before lunging forward to kiss John again  (✿◠‿◠) 


they dont want each other they dont need each other its even deeper than that its like theyre the fucking air in each others lungs and the light in each others eyes



john having to get a tooth taken out and being really loopy from the anaesthetic afterwards and pinching sherlock’s butt and giggling when he comes to pick him up from the dentist then giving him lots of sloppy kisses in the cab on the way back while sherlock tries to hold him off so the cabbie…